ViewRanger iPad update

The best just keeps getting better. The best iOS mapping app just keeps improving. Today another update was released with a feature I’ve been asking for, for a long time. That feature being DropBox support.

Thanks ViewRanger for listening.

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RIP Barney the Jedi Dog

This morning just before 8am Barney passed away cuddled up next to me as we lay on the floor of Nans living room.

Barney had aged a lot in the last three weeks, his many dog years finally catching up.

Barney really was a character. From using Jedi mind tricks to get food off the weakest minded people in the room, to stealing Nans seat on the settee as soon as she moved off to do anything.

Nan will miss Barney a lot also, as she laughed so much at him doing the seat stealing, as he looked so smug sitting there in her spot when she came back.

Bye Barney will miss you a lot


Minecraft Addiction, but still alive

Wow just looked the date of my last post, it’s was over a month ago!
Never thought I would not post for that length of time. And where has the time gone?
Well for me it has gone in a blur, work has been manic for the last month. Which is why I haven’t written much on here, well yes nothing to be accurate.
But now it’s Summer holiday time almost. I have a couple of trips in the pipeline but more about them at another date.
Today I just wanted to bring to the attention of my fellow coffee drinkers that Tesco (well my local one, and I assume others are doing the same) are selling Kenco Millicano boxes of 10 sticks (packets or sachets to you and me) for 99p at the moment.

I’ve talked about this coffee in a previous post. But at 99p if you like coffee this is a bargain. I’m just miffed at moment for only getting one box at that price. Now I’m going to have to go and buy my own!!

As an after thought, and padding for this post to make it seem longer. I’ve been playing the game Minecraft a lot lately. Been really getting into it. It’s becoming like Doom for me, in that I have multiple copies on different platforms. However it occurred to me playing on my Minecraft server with my friend Jamie (@raegar on twitter) the other weekend, I was playing the game as if I was doing the TGOC or some long distance hike! Hike, make camp for the night, get up, hike, camp, hike, camp, repeat. There was a reason for this, I was exploring and trying to find a village in the game world. In the meantime while I was virtual backpacking Jamie was proving he had dwarf in his bloodline!
I made myself laugh, even when I can’t get out for whatever reason I find a virtual way to do it in the best open world/sandbox game ever!

Until next time…

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Baby Powder As Dry Shampoo

I hadn’t heard of people using dry shampoos, I had come across them for dogs. Well I would having a collie that hates water and getting wet. Yeah Strider is a little precious on that front. When he gets wet boy does he sulk and let you know it.
Anyway I digress from the point of this post.
In another great find by the Life Hacker site, and falling into the “the bloody obvious, why didn’t we think of that earlier?” category, is this post…

“Use Baby Powder As Dry Shampoo”

As soon as I saw this I thought, what a great idea and how bloody obvious, and then this has backpacking uses (for those with more hair than me).

And now I’m wondering how many backpackers are already doing this? Would love to hear if you have tried or are using this already as to your experience, tips etc. Just leave a comment in the comments below.

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Coming Soon: USB Fuel Cell Charging For Mobiles

In my daily geeky techie readings via the great iPad app Zite, I came across this story from the Digital Trends site.
Basically this is a gadget to watch out for. Initial reading makes it very applicable for those of us that use “smartphones”.
USB Fuel Cell Charges Your Mobile Upto 14 Times

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2012 TGO Challenge Migration Starts

A tweet from Alan Sloman reminds me that today sees the start of the annual migration of TGO Challengers heading North of the border towards the various starting points on the West coast of Scotland.

Tomorrow Glasgow Queen Street Station will start to look like the photo below as Challengers meet up and renew old friendships, and make new ones, waiting for the train to take them to their start point.

This train journey is one of the classic train journeys in the UK. Taking Challengers through some of the most spectacular countryside on their way to Oban or Mallaig (or stations in between).

Tomorrow night will be spent socialising, and enjoying the last comforts of a proper bed and a shower/bath, before heading off on Friday on their carefully planned routes across Scotland.

Yes I am a little jealous I am not going, but work now prevents me taking part. My two crossings are some of my fondest memories, and greatest achievements.

I wish all of this years Challengers a safe crossing and good weather.

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iPad ViewRanger Updates

Today the latest ViewRanger update for the iPad/iPhone went live. It was only a couple of weeks ago that we got the update that supports the new iPad retina display.
I’m mentioning this update because ViewRanger have added the feature of if I’m emailed a GPX file I can now send it to the ViewRanger app for viewing. This makes life so much easier.

After a brief twitter exchange this morning with ViewRanger apparently DropBox support has also been added for the next release.
With these additions in my opinion the best iPad/iPhone mapping app will of gotten even better and extended the lead over the competition even more.

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An outdoors hackathon

In the big wide world outside of the outdoors community there are things called hackathons, or for video game creation game jams.
Generally these are events put on that have coders, designers, artists etc coming together in one location and in a short time frame (usually 48 hours) come up with ideas/prototypes or even a finished app based around whatever the theme of the hackathon is.
The hosts of the hackathon provide a location, Internet access, pizza and refreshments, and places for people to crash (usually wherever anyone can find as a quite spot) although not much sleep gets had.
Why am I telling you all this?
Well today on the TGO website they are running a story about one that is being run based around the outdoors.
Nature and technology collide in a ‘hackday’ for the outdoors industry
The hackathon is being held on the 18th – 20th May at Slapton, Devon.
Personally I’d love to attend and participate, but there is a Dr Who/Star Trek sci-fi event at the East of England Showground that weekend that I have tickets for.
Hopefully this will not be the only time they hold the hackathon, and they will promote it a bit earlier than this next time. A couple of weeks advance notice isn’t really enough notice for this sort of thing. How are impoverished students meant to get bargain train fares at such short notice? Or over worked lecturers get ahead on their work load so they can attend?
Anyway I’m excited about this, and look forward to see what comes out of this hackathon.


Some Interesting Links Off Twitter

Thought I’d briefly post one or two tweets that are outdoor related.

The first is a handy link for those on this years TGO Challenge who want to share their journey using the Social Hiking site.

RT @SocialHiking A guide for TGO challengers wishing to share their trip on @socialhiking:

Next up I found an interesting link about making a DIY Gravity Water Filter on the Life Hacker site.
RT @whitespider1066 DIY Gravity Water Filter via @zite

Finally a look at the stirling custom work that OookWorks do.
RT @OookWorks Custom OookStar with low mesh vents in bottom of door panels.

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Cheap Gear Alert

This Thursday Aldi have cheap walking gear on sale again.

Get there early to avoid the rush…

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