Another Train Wreck

Today was our second half term gaming session.

We started off with a learning game of Dead Men Tell No Tales.

I think this learning game will go down as one of our better train wrecks. 

This pile up wasn’t helped by a poorly written rule book.

The game looks lovely. The little skeleton head pieces are super cool.

But our massive misplay, what a doozie! When placing a new boat tile on the board we weren’t drawing a token each time. By the time we realised there was no way we could have won. So we weren’t finding stuff to fight or treasure to loot.

The question I have to ask myself is “was there enough here to warrant me giving the game a second chance?”

Our second game of the afternoon was on more familiar, well worn (ish) paths. We played a no thrills, no extras game of Viticulture

There were two new players and it wasn’t fair to throw the extra stuff at them as well. Get the basics under the belt, then next time we can fly with the larger board etc.

I like that we have managed to get Viticulture to the table twice now this year. It’s such a great game. And along with Scythe easily in my top 5 games I think. Well if I was to ever do like a top whatever games that is. It also shows that problem most gamers have, so many great games, but so little time!

The ending of our game saw me narrowly loose to Chris (a first timer at a meet up).

A great afternoons gaming. Bring on Friday and Mechs vs Minions.

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