Trains and Bombs

Last night saw another evening of gaming with the Fenland Gamers.

First up to the table was Colt Express. This was a new game to all of us. The game looks fun and attention grabbing with its 3D train and carriages for the play area. Sadly Gavin (owner of the game) didn't set up the scenery for the game as well to complete the illusion that we were bandits raiding a train. Mind you it doesn't actual have any affect on the game play.

With characters selected we set off to rob the train blind. You control your character by programming it by playing a certain number of cards from your hand that is determined by the round card. You get six cards in your hand at the start of each turn, that are dealt from your characters deck. So a round card may say that each player first plays one card from their hand face up (all cards played are placed in the middle on top of each other), the second time round they then play a card face down (to simulate going through a tunnel), followed finally by playing a third card face up.

These cards are then played in turn, with the action selected by the player being acted out with their bandit Meeple on the train.

So basically each player has programmed their bandit, however the action may not be successful or have the intended outcome because another players action before yours is played changes things.

I really like this mechanic, the programming and the enacting them in sequence. You may start the turn thinking you will play a certain three cards, but end up playing different ones because you have seen the ones played by the other players and alter your selection to try and counteract them.

You really do need to be paying attention to what the other players are laying down for their Meeple. Oh and not forget where the sheriff is. That can ruin even the best laid plans before they even start, as my experience in the last round taught me.

The sheriff is another cool mechanic I like. It provides another hazard, one that can be controlled by the players using one of their cards. A carefully timed move of the sheriff can throw a spanner in the works of the other players.

This is a really cool looking game, and it won't be long before it will be in the collection. However I know there are some promos I will want. For example the playmat! Or the Back to the Future Delorean that was available at this years Essen show.

Having robbed trains, it was time for us to become Dr Oppenheimer and build bombs for the arms race in the Manhattan Project.

Luckily for me, Gav had watched the videos of how to play and did a better job of explaining the game than my poor attempt.

For a good portion of the game I thought I was going to win. But then all of a sudden Johnathan and Gav started making bombs. My countries ability allowed me to use the other players buildings just like a spy, so I used that to good effect to get resources I needed. Which tended to frustrate Gav, well he did have what I needed! Plus during the game Deb according to Johnathan had become psychic and was taking actions just before he was going to do them, and thus blocking him.

I really did enjoy playing the game, which is lucky really because it was mine! I'm not sure if the girls enjoyed it, but Gav and Jonathan did.

The little Nations mini expansion I thought worked well. And didn't over complicate the game for us beginners.

Oh Gav won the game.

So another great evening gaming with great company.


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