That time of month… Again

Last night was the second Wednesday of the month, and thus the time of the monthly get together of The Fenland Gamers.

My first game of the evening was Bohemian Villages.

My opponents and attempting to stop my path to glory were Katie and Jonathan’s daughter.

I skilfully manipulated Katie and my young opponent using my Sith force powers to delay the game long enough for me to complete the village I had the town hall in.

It’s hard to gloat about beating an eleven year at the game. But this was my arch rival which made it a bit easier to do.

Our second game of the evening was the totally awesome, not so new and shiny The Manhattan Project Chain Reaction.

I got to set a new record during our game. Previously my games the greatest number of cards is managed to play on s turn was 16. Last night that was blown away when I managed to play 20! Yes you read that right I played 20 cards. I was drawing new cards, stealing cards, it was amazing.

We’d all managed to score bombs but I was in the worse position because I had no plutonium whilst the other two did. 

However one great turn and not only had I managed to catch up but was looking at grabbing a bomb that would trigger game end.

In the end I had scored enough points to hold off a late point rush from Katie on her last go to win by a single massive point.

While we were playing our games Jonathan, Debbie and her Nathan played our groups hot game of the moment, Saloon Tycoon. Which he somehow managed to win!

Our next club monthly meet is the 12/10/16 for those interested. 

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