Gaming at Costa 25Jun16

The nice thing about playing games at Costa is great company and beverages.

Our “mini” meet up started off with Debbie and Jo being introduced to Roll For It! Debbie won this nice little light filler game.

We followed up Roll For It! with Council of Verona. Which saw my machiavellian plans to control the two competing families and the council, dominate to give me three wins out of three.

With no Jonathan there to defend his newly acquired or rather stolen title of Harbour Master, it was the ideal time to play Harbour again.

This time we played with the unique player buildings. I dealt each player three cards and let them select the one they wanted, returning the other two back to the box. Mine gave me a resource of my choice everytime an opponent used a building owned by another player. It also gave me a warehouse and an anchor, plus if I used the building I got a wood (I think) plus a good of my choice.

We also used the secret end game bonus cards as well. I ended up with the stone one.

Having these unique abilities did make things a bit more interesting. With a second warehouse added I was keeping two resources from the selling. Which is pretty powerful. It did speed up the process of being able to buy the next building. How Jo wasn't winning with her ability of being able to keep the excess goods I don't know.

The bonus cards were a fun little end addition, giving a potential nice little points boost at the end. More than enough to steal a win.

All in all I like these additions to a game I already enjoyed.

We were going to make that our last game of the afternoon. However a thunderstorm with hail put an end to that thought. So while we waited for the storm to pass we played that old favourite Batman Love Letter. Which I won.

As I said at the top of this post a great afternoon gaming with great beverages and great company.


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