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 BTN August 2016

Yep it’s that time of month again where I bore you rigdged with how much gaming I’ve done the previous month.

For a month that sees people taking time off to have a holiday with family and loved ones, I’m quite happy with only having played 16 games 43 times in total.

As you can also see I’ve done a lot of two player gaming. Which is unusual for me. 

Half of the games played were new games. Of which two are no longer on my pile of shame. I think that’s pretty impressive really. 

So let’s look these numbers as a pretty pretty graph. 

So the pretty graph shows a dip but it was always going to be nigh on impossible to top July for number of plays, especially during a holiday month.

My Game of the Month

This is not going to be a surprise to anyone. My game of the month this month is…

Yep It’s the Kickstarter deluxe version of The Manhattan Project Chain Reaction with its better box and wooden components for yellow cake and uranium. This is such a great game, everyone whose tried it so far has enjoyed it, if not liked it as much as I do. I can’t wait for the regular edition to hit the stores so I can buy it for Nath. 

Worst game of the month

Another none surprise this month, the only real shocker would have been if this didn’t get the worst game award for the month. This was such a stinker that already I’ve spent too much time talking about it, and I haven’t even named it yet. This months game that wreaks is Nantucket.

BTN July 2016

Wow another month has flown by. 

Twenty two games, sixty plays. That’s incredible. Two OP events (Star Realms and Netrunner) helped push these stats through the roof. 

Some old and new favourites got to the table. Although I’d liked to have got Guilds of London back to the table, and played more The Voyages of Marco Polo. 

With Biblios Dice and Valley of the Kings seeing daylight, two more games make it off the pile of shame. Plus they didn’t disappoint.

July saw six brand new games getting played. Five of them in my collection. 

In all a very successful month I think. Despite none of pile of shame five not making it to the table.

Let’s look at the pretty graph showing the trend.

Wow! hey? The number of games played kind of continued the plateau I’d reached. Good grief I didn’t think I’d ever beat the high of March/May for number of plays. But holy heck this month smashed it. I’ll never ever improve on this months figure. 

My game of the month…

So this month I think my choice for my game of the month has to be between Qwixx and 7 Wonders Duel. 

Qwixx as I pointed out yesterday is a great gateway game, easy and quick to teach. And it also fills that gap of quick filler game wonderfully. Plus I think when it comes to throwing a bag of games together to take for a Costa gaming session, Qwixx will be an instant addition along with Love Letter Batman.

However I think 7 Wonders Duel has to be my game of the month. It’s such a great two player game. It has lots of replay ability, no two games are the same. It’s joined Star Realms and Netrunner in my top three two player games. Look how it hooked Nath yesterday. I don’t see how this can’t be game of the month.

Worst game of the month…

This was a close one too. My candidates for this infamous award are Dalek Dice and Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. 

I think the one that definitely takes this unwanted title has to be the unfulfilling Dalek Dice. An unnecessary over complicated push your luck dice game, that should have kept it simple. Just doesn’t measure up to Zombie Dice.

Half Year Stats 2016

I thought it would be a cool thing to look at the stats for the first half of the year.

I can't believe in just over a half year I've played 88 games! That's insane. My guess would have been 30 to 40. Not 88. Wow!

I'm not sure where the BG Stats gets the times for time. It's a new addition to the app. I'm assuming its picking these up from bgg. It's an interesting stat that I think isn't very accurate. We certainly took longer than 10 hours playing Pandemic Legacy.


BTN June 2016

It’s the start of another month, which means it is time to look at my gaming stats for the previous month. 

I thought I’d have better stats this month because of attendance at the UK Games Expo. However I didn’t get to play as much there as I’d hope for. The drawbacks of attending a gaming expo by yourself, and not as a group of some description.

I’ve played some really great games this month, I’d be hard pressed to say that I disliked any I played. With some of the games like Fluxx, Love Letter, I’m trying to ration my plays so that I don’t burn out on them, and keep enjoying them.

My Game of the Month

Once again this has been a really hard decision to make. The contenders making this such a hard choice this month are; The Voyages of Marco Polo, Guilds of London, The Great Heartland Hauling Co. and Imhotep. 

These are all great games, and different from each other. All of them I’d ask to play again. How to decide? 

This is tough, I know as soon as I choose one I’ll regret not choosing the others! 

I’m going to copout and choose all four as my game(s) of the month. There is nothing between them for me to decide between them. I’ve got a great time playing all four of them.

The Pile of Shame Five

At the end of March I set a target of five games to try and get to the table during the next quarter. This is my poor attempt at reducing my pile of shame.

So how did I do? I got the following two games from the list to the table.

  • Ashes
  • Dead of Winter

Whilst I also got Neuroshima Hex! and Roll for the Galaxy to the table from the also rans.

So not a bad effort.

But it’s time to set a new five for the next quarter. So here are the ones I’m going to attempt to get to the table:

  • Imperial Assault
  • Marvel Legendary
  • Alien Frontiers
  • A Game of Thrones
  • Suburbia

Let’s see how I do getting these ones to the table.

My Feb 2016 Gaming Stats

So I'm still going strong recording my game plays using the BG Stats app on my iPhone. Which means for my second month of using the app I am now able to present to you my gaming stats for the month of February.

I actually increased my number of plays this month from 24 in January to 31. But this was for only 12 games, down by one from January.

By far my most played game of the month has been Android Netrunner, with Pandemic Legacy Season 1 and Jonathan's Streets of Commonville drawing level for the number of plays.

It also looks like I have been more sociable last month too, having played games with eleven people!

I think the take home summary is I've played more and been more social in a shorter month than the previous one.

I think for March I don't think that there will be much change for the top three played games. But hey who knows what other games I will get to the table or try.

So far I've not managed to get any of the following:

  • Five Tribes
  • Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalker
  • Discoveries
  • T.I.M.E. Stories
  • Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn


To the table yet.

The challenge was to get as many of these as possible to the table within the quarter. March is the last month of this quarter. It's not looking good.


Gaming Stats for Jan 2016

Since just before the New Year kicked in I came across an app for tracking the plays of boardgames. What was extra cool with this app was that it links with the bgg website and updates your play sessions on there also. Hence the embedded last game played widget on the right of the blog.

With me recording all my game plays on this app, it gives me some nice stats. Those stats I have put below. Remember that the anon player is used by me to record one off game plays against people I usually play against, and most likely won't for a long time.

I expect next month Pandmic Legacy will be my most played game of the month.