Catch me if you can

Monday night saw another Jonathan hosted that days arranged gaming session.

I wasn’t sure what we were going to play so I took a selection with me to play just in case. However it did turn out a game had been selected. That game being Letters from Whitechapel. 

In this game one player plays Jack the Ripper while the others play the rozzers trying to stop him. The downside for the coppers is they can’t see Jacks movements because they are hidden from them!

In our game I played the part of the hero of the game Jack the Ripper. While Debbie and Jonathan played the part of those killjoy coppers.

On my first kill I made what I realised later was a tactical error. I killed my first victim close to my hiding place, and made a quick dash back to safety. The persuing law enforcement were able to deduce easily the general area I was hiding. 

I like the phase where Jack and the police place victims and officers around London and the bluffing that goes on. Plus the little push your luck going on when Jack can delay his murder to try and gain a bit more information on police locations is nice.

Towards the end I started taunting my pursuers on social media with photos of them perplexed, and struggling to find me.

I thought that was very thematic and in keeping with the character I was playing.

I found playing Jack the Ripper enjoyable. Although Jonathan did find playing the rozzers frustrating because they basically had no clues to work with. However many a time Jonathan had guessed correctly my escape route away from the scene of the crime.

I’d certainly play this again, and would like to try being the fuzz.

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