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Sunday saw me invited to play some game with Jonathan and his dad.

Our first game was Airlines Europe. A game I won with the nice round score of 100 points.

We played with a couple of mini expansions Jonathan had for the game. The first at the scoring phases gave players the opportunity to block routes. This was ok, and I could take it or leave it.

The second one I liked. Each player got two random tokens that they had to keep secret. Don’t use them and they were worth one point each at the end scoring. However use them and you could be earning more than a single point. On the secret side was a colour that matched one of the airlines. Which if you were tieing for points on that airlines shares gives the tie in your favour. 

I didn’t use mine but cunningly left one each on one of my shares. Planting the idea that I had that airlines token. Which did fool Jonathan, until I came clean. 

Our second was Thiefs Market. Once again I came out victorious and rightfully claiming my title back.

After the game there was an interesting discussion about whether the first player at the start had an unfair advantage.

Naturally being the winner and the player that had held onto the first player token for the majority of the game (I wanted it more as Rocket would say), I disagreed.

I know I was taking the bare minimum of dice I needed, not taking any available notoriety or gold dice. So I was handicapped on the flexibility of cards I could go for, and not able to afford to lose a dice.

It was an interesting point. A check on the bgg forums didn’t find anyone else thinking along the lines of Jonathan and his dad.

I’m going to have to think more on this.

Anyway a great afternoons gaming.

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