Zombicide Season 3 Arrives

Dear Future Darren,

I hope you liked the late Christmas/early Easter/early Birthday present that arrived for you yesterday. When I saw it I just couldn't help myself I knew you would love it. We've had some great solo games, and also some great group games in the past. So this seemed a no brainer.

I also got a couple of extra items for you, but this is what you got in the box (it was easier to give you the image from the kickstarter).
I know what a big fan of John Kovalic the artist behind the Munchkin art work, so I got you the Special Guest pack of characters designed by him. Plus thought you would like some extra murder of crows.
It is so nice to buy gifts for some-one with such impecible taste, enjoy playing with this new stuff next time you see Nathan.
Past Darren


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