In a poor attempt to shake things up here is a short video showing the new releases for next week from our Esdevium over lords.

Yes as usual there are other things coming out next week, and I’m not interested in those ones. This is what’s caught my eye. Hopefully these will interest you also. 

I keep thinking I want to do a podcast of some sort but I’m not sure what format yet. For me I’m bored with what’s out there at the moment.

The current formats are tired, clones, predictable.

I want something fresh, me. 

Oh well will have to wait for what I come up with.

4 thoughts on “WS31Oct16

  1. Disappointed that you weren’t singing “I wonder what’s coming out next week. Shall we take a look and see… tra, la,la”

    Actually that would be quite cool. A singing review, where you sing you reviews back to your adoring fans 🙂 That’s different, fresh and fun.

    Seriously though, nothing here to tempt me with. I think my next big game purchase will be Black Orchestra and my next expansion purchase will be Pandemic: The Cure – Experimental Meds.

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