So how are our Esdevium overlords planning to separate us from our hard earned pocket money this week?

First up is a game that I’d love me to try, Captain Sonar. But if I bought it wouldn’t get played much. This is a game that needs the max amount of players to get the best out of it.

Then it’s followed up with a restock of (queue Axl like screams, Slash like guitars) Welcome to the Dungeon. 

Istanbul is a fantastic game, love it. I liked it so much after playing it was instantly added to my collection. Anyhow the second expansion for it Brief and Siegel hits our shores. Yes I’ll be getting this. Not as if I need a reason but this gives a great reason to play the base game and first expansion again.

Lotus just looks stunning from the photos I’ve seen on Instagram. I’d be buying it just for its art. 

This final one in the piccy above is one you need to rush out and buy. In fact I played it yesterday. Yep Thiefs Market is out. 

And then we have Forgotten King: Super Dungeon Explore.

OMG how much? I paid £24 earlier in the year in one of those amazing Amazon offers. It had a rrp of £80 then. Btw it’s £50 at the moment on Amazon.

Oh and yep I feel super smug nabbing my copy at that super cheap bargain price.

Anyway that’s the new stuff hitting this week. Another pretty strong week. 

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