Woot! I’m so excited

Today there was an update from Modiphius about the Kickstarter Thunderbirds game.

Hi all, Thunderbirds is right now unloading at the UK warehouse, I'm going to assume a day unpacking 13 pallets so expect boxes to start shipping out tomorrow!”

So touch wood, cross fingers and other good luck mumbo jumbo the game could be with me before I go visit Nath. But how cool would that be all new game weekend with Nath? Ok there are still a load of games we haven't played.

With less than eleven hours to completion The Others 7 Sins will be funding (just short of $1.3million raised so far). This Eric Lang game published by Cool Mini Or Not looks amazing. There are a shed load of stretch goal extras coming with the game. Backing this game has stopped me being able to pick up a Kickstarter copy of Blood Rage the current Eric Lang hit game from the Facebook trading and selling page I follow.

Plus if your pockets are deep enough a load of expansions can also be ordered at the same time. My pockets are just about able to stretch to getting the two Kickstarter exclusive expansions. Although I'm hoping that by the time they launch the pledge manager I'll have some extra cash to add one or two more expansions to my order.

So here is what you get for your money at the moment, if I remember there is more stuff not on this picture.


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