Where art tho’ commonville? 

Jonathan, one of the designers of The Streets of Commonville just put an update on the game up on a Facebook UK boardgame chat page. So below I have copied and pasted that update for none Facebook users to read:


Hopefully, early next year, Rebekah and I, in conjunction with Common Man Games, will release a Print and Play version of The Streets of Commonville, so you’ll be able to try the game out with your friends and family, and provide us with valuable feedback.

Rebekah and I have had a lot of fun developing this game and we’re hoping that others will enjoy the game too, so look out for the Print and Play version next year 🙂

We are also hoping to get this up on Tabletopia at some point (if one of us can actually get to grips with the Tabletopia interface), which will give us a digital platform to test the game with players around the world.

For those in my local area, Fenland Gamers will once again be running some playtesting sessions for those brave officers that are interested in putting their detective skills to the test.

Stay tuned!

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