We do not have an addiction

Looking on the stats app I have on my iPhone, that is used to record all my game plays on. So far for June I have played Star Wars: Destiny 31 times. Taking into account the four games I played at the UK Games Expo, that means this month alone I have been battling it out with Dale over 27 games.

The app tells me that Dale and I have played 51 times so far. With the edge currently being with me. I have 29 wins to Dale’s 22.

Dale and I both hold the longest win streak, which is currently at 5 games long.

Dale does have a bigger card pool than myself, having bought a booster box more than me. We are currently playing with both starter sets each, and half a booster box of a Spirit of Rebellion, plus 10 addition booster packs, plus some targeted buys. While Dale has 1.5 booster boxes worth of cards, plus 5 booster packs plus targeted buys. Which by any standards is not a massive investment. We are eagerly awaiting the reprinting of the first set Awakenings.

The games have on a whole been so so close, often turning on a single key moment. Like during one of today’s games when Dale avoid 6 ranged damage on his ePalpatine by discarding this annoying upgrade Force Illusion. Ok it got rid of 6 cards from the top of his deck. But I’m not playing a milling game with my Sing/Bala-Tik/Tie Pilot deck. I’m going for maximum carnage. That bought Dale enough time to kill me off.

It’s great having some-one to play with. We are able to lend each other dice (if we have them). For instance Dale borrows my Palpatine die to play the elite version. Where I need to borrow a Tie Pilot die from him when I play Training.

I have to admit this is a great two player game that we can play during our lunch break. We can often get three games in. It hits all the buttons for me, deck construction, theme, dice. Yes it is collectible and the boosters are random. But I can over look that for such a great game. We are having a blast with not a massive pool to build from. The release schedule also seems a lot less crippling than the mess that is/was Dicemasters. That was madness due to poor scheduling you’d end up with nearly a new set a month! The only big drawback on that front is supply. Destiny is a popular game at the moment. FFG seemed to have improved it for the current set Spirit of Rebellion. They grossly under estimated it on the initial Awakenings set. Luckily we have the one off reprint at the end of the month. So being able to buy product is important. It’s what helped kill Ashes for me. Didn’t matter if I could get some-one into playing it, they couldn’t buy it.

It’s great to have some-one to play with, and who is into as much as I am. That was one of the downsides of Netrunner and Ashes for me.

I like the to and fro Dale and I have with our decks. His Palpatine was trashing decks. My mill deck could win just on the odd occasion. But now my Sing/Bala-Tik/Tie Pilot aggro deck has the upper hand. However Dale has by the sounds of an email I’ve just received identified some cards to add to his deck that I won’t like. Shame they are not in stock at the moment.

For better or worse we are also thinking about maybe going to a store championship or game night. I think the nearest one I have seen so far is Lincoln at the start of July. Then we will see how poor our deck construction skills are. I think we will get our butts handed to us. It’s a shame we don’t have anything nearer.

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