Up and Coming Tabletops I’m Excited About

Ok just a brief (ish) post on some up and coming tabletops that I am looking forward to coming out. I've seen reviews over on sites like The Dice Tower or Watch It Played and these ones below have got me really excited about getting them to play.

First up is Machi Koro published in the West by IDW Games. A Japanese card game that just looks great fun to play. Apparently due out in September in the UK. Here is the Watch It Played Preview video then watch the two part let's play video they have just done. Even The Dice Towers Tom Vasel loves it. I think in the preview there is also mention of an expansion coming out also, not sure when that is going to be released.

Next up is Tiny Epic Kingdoms which was on kickstarter (which I missed). When I saw this reviewed by Tom Vasel I thought “Wow, that looks fun.” Sadly not found a place to buy it in the UK yet, not even sure if it is possible to buy in the US yet.

Now we get onto X-Wing Miniatures, within the next couple of months we hopefully should be seeing Wave 5 and the Rebel Aces hitting these shores. They were apparently on sale at the recent GenCon in the US.

Briefly while talking of GenCon Fantasy Flight Games announced Wave 6 of X-Wing Miniatures that introduces a new faction to the game called Scum and Villainy which has a Most Wanted expansion (think new factions version of Aces) and some ships. They also announced Star Wars: Imperial Assault which has been described Star Wars Descent. Which seems pretty accurate. Then finally just before GenCon FFG announced Star Wars: Armada basically the big ship epic space battle version of X-Wing. I believe this lot will be hitting in the first quarter of 2015. So a little way off, so I got time to save up for them. You can read all about the new faction and Wave 6, Armada and Imperial Assault on the FFG website.

One game that is out now to buy and I have added to the top of my wish list is Ca$h 'n Guns Second Edition. Once again Tom Vasel seems to like it (watch his review here). It looks a lot of fun.

So there you have it these are the games and expansions coming out that are floating my boat at the moment. What games and expansions are you looking forward to?

UPDATE: So having written this post earlier in the day, I get home watch a new Dice Tower review by Tom Vasel and think bugger I have to add this to the post. I love Zombicide by Guillotine Games and distributed by Cool Mini Or Not. Cool Mini Or Not do have a great product range, and now are also home of the game I want to add to this list Arcadia Quest. This looks like a really cool competitive dungeon skirmish game! Sadly the kickstarter finished yonks ago so unless I feel really desperate all the nice kickstarter exclusives will elude me, as I won't give in and buy at an inflated price on ebay.


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