The Worst Game of 2017…

I’m posting this early because it won’t change. Ok I don’t foresee this changing at all. So I am pretty safe in posting this. My actual awards post for games I like will be posted later in the month.

Can you guess what the worst game of 2017 is? This post might give you a clue.

Yep it’s the over rated,  Barenpark.

This years winner came pretty close to knocking Nantucket off its throne of worst game ever.

I really do think that the designer of this game (who shall not be named) looked at games like Patchwork and Cottage Garden and thought “how can I remove the game and fun from this?”

So many people like and even love this big pile of steaming poo, it’s almost become a case of the Emperors new clothes. This game is really a race to complete your jigsaw puzzle first, with barely any interaction with others at the table.

There isn’t much more I can say about this glorified multi player jigsaw puzzle. It deserves this title more than any other game out this year.


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