The Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday saw the arrival of Duncan, who had travelled down from the semi-free people's Republic of Scotland. Thinking about it that gives the impression that those north of the border have more of a resemblance of democracy than we do down here in the oppressed Englandshire. But in reality they are ruled by just as corrupt politicians who seem in some areas more destructive than our temporarily out of power Establishment overlords. The ruling Scottish version of UKIP or SNP as they like to call themselves (dispute that? well you can't. You can take a speech from either party replace England/Parliament with EU and vice versa and you have the same speech, they are the same bigoted party) seem to have come up with a cunning plan that allows them to please their local branch of the Establishment, whilst ruining a national treasure that attracts the hated English oppressors. What is this Bond Villianesq plan? Why to build Windfarms in all the remote wild places, ruin the views and landscape. That way those nasty tourists and their money that gets spent in local rural communities will go elsewhere like the cities, and the landowners won't be inconvienced by unwanted visitors and can enjoy hunting protected species in happy bliss.

Anyway Saturday evening Duncan and I spent a little time playing Star Realms! Yes a chance to play the physical game once more. So these were learning games for Duncan as I taught him the game, and he started to,learn some of the cards.

Yesterday saw me introduce Duncan to Roll For It which he wasn't too impressed with. However I still enjoy the game.

We then had a game of Age of War which Duncan did enjoy. This was the first time I'd gotten to play the game since buying. It's a “simple” game to play using the same mechanic as Roll For It. For me Age of War is the natural game to move on to for those that like Roll For It. It's a bit more tactical, has the chance to steal cards from another player. If I could get it (it is proving hard at the moment) Elder Signs would be the game to play after Age of War, because it still uses the same core mechanic, but adds even more onto it. Once I've played a few more games I'll go into it in more detail.

For me these three games would give a smooth path for taking a non gamer from a simple quick filler game to playing a more substantial game using a simple core mechanic of rolling dice to complete cards.

Yesterday I did give Duncan a guided tour rounded the Capital of the Fens, Centre of the Known Universe on foot. The tour was bought to life with memories from my youth of terrorising the town and ruling it with an iron fist.

Above a picture of me impersonating a well known ex outdoor magazine editor. In the distance you can make out the monument to Thomas Clarkson the true unsung hero behind freeing the slaves. Sadly the public and history books have fallen for the better publicity machine of Wilberforce.


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  1. Darren’s views of Scottish politics are entirely his own and have in no way been influenced by the French ambassador to Fenland.

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