TGOC Minifig Project Part 3

The stuff arrived this morning. It consisted of two torsos for the main figures of Alan and Lord Elpus, an acoustic guitar to use as prop for a particular photo for the project. A variety of heads, one or two will be used for the project the others I ordered to build up my library of parts. The Jaws tile is a present for a friends child who likes Lego and the movie Jaws.

With the excitement of this order arriving I used the bits I already had in to make the initial version of Lord Elpus.

My Lord Elpus minifig will play up the Lord side of the name, but have a hard on his luck feel. Hence getting pieces that have scuff marks. The top hat at the moment doesn't have any of those markings on. Mainly because I ordered the top hat before thinking to look if I could get one that had the scuff marks on it. Then browsing the other day I came across one that did. So that is on its way. Which means that this Lord Elpus is pretty close to the final version.

The Alan figure is still a work in progress. But here is the early “sketch” of him as a minifig.

I've not found any suitable hair yet, and I can't decide if I will give him a hat instead. And if I do what type to go for. So the hunt is still on. I may decide to go with a different head too.

As I said this is still a work in progress and still has a way to go before I'll have something I'm happy with that I feel captures Alan.



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