Superheroes and Giant Monsters

Friday The Luxe finally got Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice on its screen. I'd been waiting for my favourite cinematic experience venue to get the movie, so I caught the 14:10 showing of the movie.

I enjoyed the movie. However it has a lot of faults. I just hope Warner Bros/DC learn from this movie and never ever ever let Zack Snyder the director near the DC Universe again. However I doubt that is the take away they got. Especially considering that they are adding humour now to an already complete movie that has that abomination looking Joker in it.

If Synder had not decided to try and squeeze as many plot lines as he could into a single movie, and instead concentrated on a single one, the movie would have been much better.

While DC seem to have got the tv universe right with their shows, they still don't get it with their movies. Such a pity.

I'd love to go more in depth but this isn't that sort of blog.

After seeing the latest DC cinematic efforts it was time for some gaming.

After last week this session was last chance saloon. Compared to last week this week was very poorly attended by the late teen/twenty somethings of the group. Which did have one big bonus from my point of view none of that loud music being played.

But it does make me wonder what is it about this week that attendance for the gaming groups has been low?

The evenings gaming started off with my Noise running against Ben's PE Corp scum deck. I had tweeted it to improve my economy. I lost both games to meat/net damage. The first game was within a couple of turns. Whilst the second time if my I've Had Worse had gotten selected in the first wave of damage I would have survived the second wave of damage, gotten through on R&D and scored three agendas for a win. Fortune favours the brave and that evening it didn't favour me.

Our next game was a couple of plays of King of Tokyo. I didn't win either game, the honours for the wins were shared between Ben and Jamie. This was my first play of King of Tokyo, I had played King of New York before. But I've tried to blot that evening out, and the memory of Nath (not my son) and his mind scaring bum note joke. I thought that King of Tokyo would be the easier game to teach out of the two, plus I have both expansions for the game, we could shake things up if we wanted to. Both games had the costume cards from the Halloween expansion mixed in. This doesn't make any noticeable change to the game play, so I hadn't seen a reason to take them out.

The final game of the evening was Deep Sea Adventure. This was a hit with Ben and Jamie. It's a nice little push your luck game. It's interesting to see how different players play the game. Previous games my opponents went deep before taking a treasure and starting the clock ticking on the air running out. Whilst in this game treasures were being taken very early and starting that clock. This meant that no one managed to score in the first two rounds. With only timid play enabling some scores in the final round.

I'm still undecided about this group. I had a good experience this week. But will it be back to the usual irritating loud music next week when the numbers are back up?

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