Stats for March 2016

With March just ending its that time again to look at my gaming stats for the month.

Wow what a month hey? I thought I had done really well in February. Especially considering it's a shorter month than the others. But holy game pieces Batman I've blown that out of the water. Sadly as the locations show there were no Costa gaming sessions. So that will be an aim for April to get that being a thing again!
Thanks to the magic of Numbers I can produce a nice little graph to show my gaming trends. I think it's going to be hard to top March, and expect to see a dip next month. Hopeful not a big dip though.

March also happens to be the end of the first quarter for the year, so time to review the following that I wrote back in January.

So how did I do? Well as the games stats at the start show I got three of the five to the table. Which I think is not bad. Five Tribes was definitely the biggest hit of the three. Discoveries was a good game, but the wooden dice are horrid. As for Arena of the Planeswalker that game has so much potential but let down by poor support by the publisher.

But as I said in the initial post I'll be setting a list of five each quarter. We are now in a new quarter and therefore need a new list of games to try and get to the table.

  • Ashes
  • T.I.M.E. Stories
  • Thunderbirds
  • Dead of Winter
  • Imperial Settlers

Games that nearly made the list this month but just missed out: Elder Sign, Neuroshima Hex!, Seasons, Roll for the Galaxy and Eminent Domain. Who knows maybe they will make it to the table anyway.

So that was my gaming month by the numbers.


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