Start of 2016 New Stuff

Yes Christmas has just wrapped up, the new year has bearly had time for the cord to be cut from the old, and stuff has started to arrive.

I am not a Netrunner Winter 2015 Champion, I've not had to hack my way to the top. However I did have some money burning a hole in my pocket once I saw this Day Job play mat that was a prize for oh maybe playing Netrunner! I found some-one selling it for a reasonable price, so I parted with the correct number of credits to purchase it. It's a gorgeous design, and I've since found out you can also get prints of the art work. Which I might get for work.

As an earlier post this week showed I was so impressed by Bomb Squad Academy that I bought a copy, that arrived at the start of the week.

Also I got a Kickstarter copy of Bottom of the 9th, a one or two player game based on that American game Baseball.

Finally for this week two Ultra-Pro Pro Tower deck boxes arrived. These are so hard to find in the UK, why I'm not sure. I got these from the US.

As you can see the Pro Tower is a big deck box. I've put it next to a Ultra-Pro Satin Tower and an Ultimate Guard Flip 'n' Tray (middle grey one) below.

The photo below shows the three deck boxes open. They all have a compartment for dice/counters. My least favourite is the Satin Tower. I like the Flip 'n' Tray, it's design is so much better than the Satin Tower.

The Pro Tower now I have it in the flesh does not disappoint. Bigger than I expected, but hey this would make a good box for taking on holiday stuffed with small box games.


So that's the new stuff this week, most of it ordered just before Christmas, so not bad getting here so soon considering how much more the postal service gets used over the holidays. Still a couple of things to arrive from the US, one an expansion, the other some promos bits. I thought the expansion might have arrived today, considering the deck box arrived yesterday, but the postal system is a law unto itself.


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