Star Realms Cosmic Gambit Expansion

Well this post is over due. It's about time I showed you the cards that come in the new Cosmic Gambit expansion for Star Realms.
This new expansions adds fifteen new cards, a rules card, a base card and thirteen gambit cards.

The above card is from the first Gambits expansion. I've included it here in this look at the new cards so that you can see the difference in the rules. When I play with Gambits in the real world I normally mirror the app and deal two random Gambits to each player. With the old rules there was no real advantage to not revealing your Gambits at the start of the game. Which is probably why the app shows them straight off.

However as the new rules show that Gambits remain face down until they decide to reveal the cards (they can if they like reveal them right at the start) however as the look at the cards below show, there is now an advantage to not revealing straight away. Some of the new Gambits have effects that trigger when they are revealed.

The Hidden Base Cosmic Gambit card (below) does something new. It gives you an extra outpost that the player chooses the faction for! I think if I had this I'd be playing it at the start of the game letting it stop that early damage from the opening dance that occurs.

There are two copies of the following three Cosmic Gambit cards in this expansion.

It should be noted that in this pre-release Origins/GenCon edition of Cosmic Gambits that the Asteroid Mining card (shown above) has a misprint. Apparently it shouldn't be two trade but one.

The Black Market looks interesting. The way I'm reading it is that only you can buy the card above it, and not your opponent. If so this could be devastating! It could potentially tie down something like The Ark until you are able to buy it at a reduced cost, and not have to worry about your opponent buying it!


This expansion adds another Wild Gambit card to the game, so when combined with the original Gambits expansion there will be two Wild Gambits sitting in the mini Gambits deck.

People either love or hate the Gambit cards. Get the right ones and it's possible to buy like the Megahauler, The Ark or other expensive powerful cards turn one! This alone has people complain they are over powered blah blah blah.

I personally sit on the fence about them. I can take them or leave them. I enjoy playing with them when I do.

The cards in Cosmic Gambits look fun, they add even more variety to a very enjoyable game.


3 thoughts on “Star Realms Cosmic Gambit Expansion

  1. “The Black Market looks interesting. The way I’m reading it is
    that only you can buy the card above it, and not your opponent.”

    I am sure that reading is incorrect. If it was right, the card would not be
    placed in the trade row – rather, you would be told to draw a card from
    the trade deck and place it above Black Market.

    1. No, I think he’s got it right. Black Market is effectively an extra space on the trade row that only you have access to, for a smidgen cheaper than normal. Being your own gambit, your opponent has no jurisdiction there.

  2. It seems to me that it creates an additional slot in the trade row, making 6 ships available besides the explorer (you take the next card from the trade deck and put it on the black market). your opponent can buy it, but you can get it for 1 less. when the card is bought, another card is placed on the black market.

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