Saturday Lego

On a visit to WH Smiths this morning I crumbled and bought two packets of series 12 and three packets of series 13 minifigs along with my usual monthly magazine purchases.

So what did I pull?

Well as the photo above shows I got the rock star and gamer from series 12. I'm really happy with this, even though I have the gamer already. Usually I put duplicates into my spares tin. But the gamer won't be doing that he'll be going to Nath if he wants him. It's a shame they didn't do a female gamer too. A bit of gender balance would be nice.

From series 13 I got a rather cool warlock/evil wizard figure. An ancient Egyptian soldier/guard, and an old west sheriff complete with Kurt Russell Tombstone bushy moustache. I love this figure. Only the other day while writing the post about the firefighters arriving and Flash Point, I was thinking and trying to resist the urge of getting Cowboys for use with Bang the Dice Game. Then today I pull the sheriff and that resistance is starting to crumble. Although all the Cowboys will have to have those big bushy moustaches like those in the movie Tombstone.

Regular readers or as I like to call them “people with nothing better to do” will know I recently got two books on making customised minifigs. The company that printed these books also print a magazine about Lego too called Blocks. There are one or two adds for it in the books. I never gave it another thought. Then today while in Smiths browsing the magazine shelfs I saw the current issue sitting there hidden in the modelling section.
I'd already browsed an official Lego magazine book about Lego. But that looked just like a light fluffy expensive advert, with the odd nugget of information thrown in. So yeah I'll get it soon! I was already in the frame of mind for picking up something to read on Lego. When I saw Blocks on the shelf, I picked it up, had a flick through, and thought why not? The cover hadn't even registered with me until I got home. Which made it an even bigger win for me.
So now I have a relaxed Saturday afternoon ahead of involving coffee, cake and reading about Lego.


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