Running Tuesday

So my new improved Noise deck, got owned by Jamie and his NEH deck. Not sure I was playing “pancakes” right. Once Wyldside got trashed, does “pancakes” give me an extra click? (Done a check and no it doesn't, curses!) Our next match up this week will see my NEH deck take on which ever runner Jamie is currently playing.

In the evening once more I was at the Chatteris Warlords meetup.

There was a real variety of games being played last night. 7 Wonders was being played by Jonathan's children and friends along with a couple of members of the club. Later on there was a game of Betrayal At The House On The Hill, another table a game of 7 Wonders: Duels was going (the cards were smaller than I expected, we are talking around the same size as the damage cards in X-Wing, which is a popular size, just not your normal playing card size. Yet for a small box, and cards this game requires a lot of table space).

A game of Bolt Action was going on also. I enjoy what would at best be described as war game, miniatures lite, so games like Memoir '44, X-Wing, Battlelore. The more heavy games aren't for me. I don't want to be using a tape measure to move. The nearest I get is that little movement template you get in games like X-Wing. That's my limit. Plus a game of Wings of Glory was on the go.

My gaming last night at the club was two games of Netrunner, surprise, surprise.

First up my Noise deck against Jinteki Chronos Protocol. First blood went to my opponent scoring from an unprotected server he had setup on his first turn.

That was a good bluff, I had underestimated my opponent. I didn't think they would install an unprotected agenda.

After that I started scoring. My opponent was getting easier to read where he had installed agendas. With Faust and David out, parasite in my grip, incubator breeding nicely, the odds were in my favour. Archives had been left unprotected which I was able to use to great effect. Sadly all my runs on HQ were unproductive. But my runs on R&D and the remote servers were good feeding grounds. DDOS did its job nicely, and having two Same Old Things installed helped my recycle the Levy and I've Had Worse To great effect.

Round two saw my NEH deck up against Kate. Within two turns I had a Traffic Accident in my hand. I just needed to start landing some tags. I was iced up, set some traps that could be advanced. Although my opponent managed to avoid one with a Infiltration. The one he did trigger I was one advancement token short of the desired effect I wanted.

With City Surveillance installed the drip drip drain of the runners credits started, it was that or take a tag. Once I landed a tag (which I think I did with a ghost branch) that was it, the gateway was open. Our agenda scoring was back and fourth, we were pretty even. The Franchise City hit like a dream when the runner scored an agenda.

I scored a Chronos Project too early for my liking, but still took out some cards from the runners heap from the game.

I had hidden an agenda in archives, well I had to, there was no other option. My archives was unprotected, and there was no way I was going to ice it up to protect it. That would have been like putting a great big sign up saying “hey look at me, something valuable is here”.

The runner did a run on my City Surveillance, and trashed it. Which was nice because that was a costly run for them and left them short of credits. How did I follow that up on my turn? I installed another City Surveillance!!

Agenda wise we were even, the runner decided to stop avoiding tags, and got upto four tags. I checked how many cards they had in hand. Then I drew a Scorched Earth. Click one, played Traffic Accident, two meat damage. Click two, played Scorched Earth, four meat damage, for the kill and the win.

I was happier with the way this NEH deck had worked. It's still not there. But it needs more play now.

Tuesday I'm calling the start of my Road to Regionals. These are the two decks I'm going to be taking. They need more work, especially NEH, although I'm a lot happier with Noise at the moment.

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