Runners and Wonders

Last night was the weekly Chatteris Warlords meet up.

As usual there was some Bolt Action action going on along with some Early Napoleononic war gaming.

But for me I had some business to do. Firstly I had a Colt Express Time Machine promo to deliver. Followed by picking up some stuff. If you stork me on Instagram you will know what one of the items was, otherwise you'll have to wait until Saturday's post. Oh what a tease I am.

Tuesday's are now my Weekly Netrunner fix. This week I was playing Ben again. Our first game was my Noise against his Corp (I think PE). I took an early four point lead with two agendas hitting an unguarded R&D and Archives, which Ben replied to by scoring an agenda back, and icing up R&D.

The unguarded Archives allowed me to build up Datasucker, and Incubator, while running the odd Retrieval Run. Trying to slow my plans down, Ben would occasionally purge virus counters.

I got Medium out I had five virus counters sitting on Incubator. I had enough credits to install and trash DDOS, and DDOS was sitting in my grip. There were also four virus counters on Datasucker. Sitting between me and hitting R&D for a nice five card draw, was a single unrezed piece of ice. I was crossing my fingers Ben wasn't going to purge virus counters. If he did that was going to ruin my next turn.

Ben's turn happened, I still had my virus counters in place. Time to execute my plan. I trashed Incubator putting the virus counters on Medium. Installed DDOS and trashed it. Then ran on R&D. The Corp was unable to stop me. First card drawn an agenda worth three points and giving me the win.

Our second game my NEH was up against Ben's Noise.

Ben scored an early two point agenda from my HQ, to which I replied scoring my only single point agenda 15 minutes. Which I was hoping he would score so I could pull it back into R&D.

I landed a couple of tags, which with Ben hitting a snare and me hitting him with a traffic accident, reduce Ben to zero cards in his grip.

Sadly I wasn't able to finish the job off and murder him. But it did slow Ben's plans down. Ben quickly removed the tags.

We sparred away, trying to gain momentum for our plans. I drew two scorched earths. I just needed to land a tag. Oh and have enough credits to play them both. I had enough to play one, but it would be two turns before I could land the second. There was a good chance Ben would not have rebuilt his grip enough for me to murder him with the second scorched earth.

Ben ran on R&D gaining a tag. BOOM! First scorched earth landed. Oh wait Ben had only three cards in his grip! I'd killed him. Woot! Two for two tonight.

My final game of the evening was taking part in a seven player game of 7 Wonders.

It was interesting playing the game with this many players. Not sure if I like it more than a four player game.

To cut a potentially long story short, I came second from last.

Another enjoyable evening gaming. Followed by the monthly Fenland Gamer meetup tonight ^__^


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