Resistance is futile

It’s being reported today by the industry news website ICv2 that the Asmodee Borg is assimilating its latest victim. Which this time is F2Z Entertainment. So that’s PlaidHat and their stable of games e.g. Ashes, Mice and Mystics and Dead of Winter; and Z-Man games. 

I did the above for when they assimilated Catan. But it still nicely represents how it seems Asmodee are operating with this latest acquisition. 

I think the Borg look will suit Isaac and Coby at PlaidHat. Isacus and Cobus of Borg anyone?

Who knows how this will shake out, and just what the long term impact of this news will be. Personally I’m not a fan of these big all encompassing companies. And our Asmodee Borg masters have shown they are not above throwing around their power to dictate terms to shops, and trying to artificially control prices of their products. 

I’m sure there are “economic” reasons for why they are assimilating other companies. It sure beats developing new IP, just buy other people’s! 

But it will be interesting to see what happens. I can’t wait for the next PlaidHat podcast and see how honest they are about all this. 

Read the ICv2 source story here

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