Red Line

The weekend started off with a whimper when the dreaded lurgy hit some of those due to play Mechs vs Minions Friday evening. Which meant the game session never happened. I could have played a two player game with Jonathan, but lurgy plus a bad back from moving tables earlier in the day, meant Jonathan wasn’t firing on all cylinders. I might have taken advantage of this fact if we were playing a competitive game. But I’m not that cruel. We had a quick drink and chat about boardgames, before heading off into the weekend.

I’m pretty lucky when it comes down to it with who I get to play games with. We have a great bunch of folks in Fenland Gamers. I met up with three members Saturday afternoon in an attempt to survive in a zombie apocalypse world.

The morning had been spent making a couple of foam core card holders. I now only have to organise the player characters and I’m there. I need to get my head around the best way to do this. Research and brainstorming are in my future. 

We were playing the Game Night Kit #2 – Black Friday scenario two, Fortress Mall.

It was going to be the first scenario but it required the same tile twice! Well both sides of it. I may have to look into which box that tile was in and buy the tile pack. 

The nice thing about the Fortress Mall scenario is it’s four tiles. 

Yep Dawn of the Dead in four tiles! This is why I don’t want Black Plague. Zombie hordes are modern, not fantasy. I want to recreate the classic Romero films or The Walking Dead. Not pretend to be Gandalf fighting the zombie horde. If I want to be Gandalf, I want to be taking on Mordor and shit loads of orcs. 

The scenario starts off with zombies at the spawn points in the four corners of the map. We had to collect all the objective markers and make it to the exit. The exit was in the same space as a spawn point.

I was playing Spencer the not Breaking Bad character Walter White. Diego was playing the not The Big Bang Theory Raj character Kabir. Whilst Will and Lucia played the not The Big Lebowski characters The Dude and Walter, Gary and Ross.

Luckily for us one of the spawn points meant the zombies got trapped in a building. I say lucky. In reality it was a ticking time bomb. We had to get in that building to recover three objective tokens. So the longer we left them building up there, the harder it was going to be to get those objective tokens.

In the end we left the zombies building up in side the building. We reasoned we’d best try and find the ingredients to make a Molotov cocktail to take them out. 

By the time we were ready to take on the horde that had built up inside the building, I had the ability to get two Molotov cocktails instead of one when I had the ingredients. We had lucked out and had indeed built our petrol bombs.

The photo below shows on the right how the horde looked on the board. The photo on the left is how I imagined it.

Lucia opened the door into the building. She was the only one left that was able to open doors at this stage. I then did my part and tossed the Molotov into the jam packed room. 

BOOM! Burning zombie flesh, and 29 experience points (Diego totalled the corpses). I was well and truly into the red zone. This was a first for me. I’d never survived that long to even get close. 

In the end I think we were all in the red. We were zombie killing machines.

After wave after wave of regular zombies, toxic zombies, brute zombies, skinner zombies, zombie dogs, and murder of crows. We had finally collected all the objective tokens, and made a dash for the exit. We had survived and escaped. We were winners.

A great afternoon of killing the walking and running dead. We got fortunate no abominations appeared. But we did get plenty of fatties.

I must try and get Game Night kits 3 – 5. 

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