At the start of July I'm planning to visit Nath. As the date gets nearer my excitement level goes through the roof. These father and son moments are not near as frequent as they should be, and the time is reduced even more with Nath having to work as well. But I'm grateful for anytime I get with him, and just happy that he still wants to spend time with his old man.

It helps that like his old man Nath has similar interests, video games, board games, movies and football (although somehow Nath ended up supporting the wrong team).

In the run up to my visit apart from getting excited I attempt to decide which games to take with me for us to play (or at least have the option of playing depending on the amount of time Naths work schedule gives us).

So many of my games I bought because they were two player or supported two player and I thought Nath would enjoy playing them. There are also a few (understatement) that we haven't gotten round to playing yet. In the meantime as you have witnessed my collection keeps growing, adding to the list.

So which games are on the list for making the journey to see Nath this visit?

  • Star Wars Imperial Assault – we failed to get this to the table at Christmas, so attempting again. Nath loves Star Wars and he'll love this. Hopefully the new expansions will be out by the time of the visit also. I think they are due to hit stores at the end of the month.
  • Star Realms – how could I not take this? Star Realms is my most played game ever (thanks to the awesome app). Nath will love this.
  • AGES – I like this game and I think Nath will enjoy it too. Plus I value Naths opinion a lot and I want to see what a younger audience in their early twenties thinks.
  • Sushi Go! – a quick filler game ideal for us to play when we have a Starbucks moment.
  • Roll for the Galaxy – a new one for both of us, I think Nath will love this game.
  • Android: Netrunner – even being a noob I still love this game, and I'll be interested in what Nath makes of this game.

I'm pretty sure this list will grow, some will be replaced, others dropped. Or I may unusual for me try not to ponder on this too much and stick to this initial list. There is a first time for everything.

So what games would you take on a visit to family?


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