Planning 2017 Purchases Already!

Over on BGG they are having yearly nominations for “Most Anticipated game of 2017”. Yep folks are already looking ahead to next year.

So from the nominees what has caught my attention for next year? Well here is a list in no particular order:

  • Super Dungeon Explore: Legends – a campaign and role playing expansion! I’m in. So I will have to get Forgotten King to the table first, but I do like this style game.
  • The 7th Continent – I backed this on Kickstarter last year. They did let us know that it would not make the deadline given in the campaign early on. Which I can live with. It’s a huge, massive undertaking. But I am looking forward to this choose your own adventure style game when it finally comes out. I’m predicting the later half of 2017 for this.
  • Elder Sign: Omens of the Deep – Another expansion for a game I should be playing more often.
  • This War of Mine The Board Game – could this be the game I regret I didn’t back on Kickstarter for 2017? Scythe was that game for 2016.
  • T.I.M.E. Stories Expansions – I’m not going to list them all here. But after having played the initial scenario Asylum, I’m excited for these big time.
  • Android Netrunner – I love the data packs in the cycles when they get released. But the new deluxe expansion Terminal Directive with it’s legacy aspect and campaign mode. I’m excited to see how this plays, and the ew direction it takes things.
  • Imperial Assault expansions – yes I need to play this great game more, you know I’ll be getting these when they hit the stores. Addictive isn’t the word.
  • King of Tokyo: Monster Pack – Cthulhu – I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner really. It’s a must. I just need that King of New York Power Up expansion now, never did see that come out.
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 2 – really? I need to explain this one? come on?
  • Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star – I don’t even own the base game at the moment! But when this hits, I get the base game at the same time. It’s a game I really really want to play, and when the KS was run an easy way to get the base game (that was between printings at the time) and the expansion.
  • Cry Havoc: Aftermath – Look I like the base game. More stuff for it? DuH!
  • Neuroshima Hex – Another army for the game? Yes please.
  • Colt Express: Indians and Calvary – I’m assuming this just adds more to this already chaotic game.
  • Nations the Dice game expansion – no details about this at the moment, but the game is a nice game, so very interested in an expansion for it.

So thats just some of the games and expansions that have caught my eye for 2017. I think some won’t be a surprise to you. But one or two I think may have you saying “really?”

What games or expansions coming out in 2017 have you got your eye on?

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