Panda Smash

Last night being Friday night meant after a day doing supply teaching I was at the local Friday night game group. The one I've not been very happy with due to inconsiderate noise pollution from the odd individual at previous meet ups playing loud music.

The first game of the evening was a four player game of Agricola. My first time playing the game. This was a far better experience than Caverna. Rules explained, had the score reference card, so I knew the scoring and how to avoid negative points, or at least reduce the amount of negative points I got.

So ok I don't know the “best” strategies to take for the game. However I did feel that I was in with a shout right upto the end.

So at its heart this is a worker placement game. And I like this mechanic. But! So do I like Agricola or come to that Caverna?

There are elements I like. Like the harvest and having to feed your workers, or the unlocking of new actions to do as you progress through the game. However I'm not keen on being limited to just two actions. Yes you can produce additional workers. But this just doesn't work for me.

This isn't my favourite worker placement game. I think Agricola/Caverna has joined Stone Age as my least favourite worker placement games that I'd play, but I wouldn't be that keen on.

So after coming in a respectable third in Agricola we played four player King of Tokyo with the power ups expansion.

I didn't roll a single power up card, only bought one card from the middle. Which was a pretty cool one, because it gave an extra victory point each time I started my turn in Tokyo, plus an extra point of damage when I dealt out damage whilst in Tokyo.

After a turn or two of rolling threes pumping up my victory points, Ben had been creeping towards a victory point win from a successful run in Tokyo. But we managed to get him out to avoid that outcome. With myself encamped in Tokyo my only card kicked in.

With some amazing rolls I took out two monsters at the same time. That extra point of damage was powerful, it meant that knockout blow was a six point hit!

My victory was inevitable! Well if I didn't get hit with five or more damage by the other remaining player. Unfortunately for them they only did a point of damage, played a power up card that forced me out of Tokyo and slightly delayed my victory. But I moved back into Tokyo to give me the final point I needed to grab a points victory, but it was also close for grabbing a last monster standing victory also.

I'd been playing the Panda monster, and both times now that I've played him I've won. Guess which monster I'm going to keep playing?

Ben had to go after this game, and I decided to call it a night also. It was at this point I got really pissed off. The guy playing with us, sitting next to me was going to play his newly purchased Epic card game. Fair enough. However instead of helping to pack away my game before setting up his, the ignorant git pulled out the cards for Epic and started shuffling them in front of him pushing my stuff out of his way to do so. Yes he was doing that style popular with Magic players creating multiple little mini decks. I've used this method myself to shuffle cards.

What a fracking dick. Even after I point out I was trying to pack my game away, all I got was “I'll move up the table”, which he didn't.

I was seething inside. This is the final straw I think. I'm not enjoying this group at all. If you take out Ben, Jamie (and his son) the majority of my experience playing with the others in this group is that they are selfish gits.

I might suggest to Ben and Jamie we find a different location to play, an alternative Friday evening/night gaming experience.

Afterwards on my way home I called in at The Luxe to mainly give Nath grief, and to confirm that they are actually getting the new X-Men movie, and when. Which they are, a couple of weeks after its release. I'm more than happy to wait a couple of weeks to see the movie at my favourite cinematic experience place. Plus Nath has to be nice to me and call me sir.

So that was Friday's gaming.


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