OMG what have I done?

I've only gone and signed up for the 2016 Regionals taking place on the Friday at the UK Games Expo.

Last year this event was the Nationals, but FFG partnering up with Esdevium a sister company in the Asmodee Borg stable are hosting the Nationals latter in the year now at a separate event.

Talk about jumping in at the deep end.

I've not even played in a store comp yet! But that will be changing soon thanks to the just starting meta in Chatteris, and my FLGS there The Hobbit Hole having the spring store kit on order.

Even with this regular venue to play games, I'm still a noob at the game.

So I'm expecting to just be cannon fodder for the much more experienced players, and proving just how strong I am propping the whole of the rest of the other players up from the bottom.

However this does give me a focus.

I also entered the Pandemic Survival Regional. This is happening on the Saturday. I'm hoping after reading this sentence that one or two of my fellow Fenland Gamers who are also going to the Expo will take the big hint and also sign up.

Pandemic Survival is an “extreme” version of Pandemic where 6 to 12 teams of 2 will face each other in an epic battle to save the world. Their goal: to be the first team to find all four cures, or to be the last team still alive at the end of the game.” (Taken from the link below)

Sounds exciting doesn't it?

The Pandemic Survival Nationals takes place the next day. I'm assuming this is going to be like a grand play off of the top twelve players from the previous day.

This is definitely an event that all Pandemic fans should experience I think (this is my first chance to take part in one). Take a look at this Z-Man page for a description of what the competition will involve.

There is a Lords of Waterdeep competition as well but I want some time to “chill” and buy games at the Expo.

So at least you know where to find me on the Friday and Saturday at the Expo.


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