New Lego Day

So earlier today I just so happened to end up in Sainsburys and what did they have in? Yep the new minifig series from Lego, which this time has a Halloween theme. It would have been rude not to get the odd packet. Somehow at the same time a small box set of City Lego also somehow mysteriously ended up in the basket too.

Then this evening I ended up in my local Tesco, and somehow some more of the new Lego minifigs found their way into my shopping basket!

When I finally got home what was waiting for me? Yep even more minifigs. Two Batman figures (different torso designs, from two different sets) and a Joker polybag. Yes one of the Batmans was a double, but that was intentional, as was the Joker which I also have. The reason I got the doubles was because a group of my students for the digital media unit wanted to make a brick movie using Batman and the Joker. So these two doubles were got so they could be used for that.

Finally here is the City set put together. It gives me some figures another of that student group can use for their brick movie. They just wanted a generic Lego figure for their film. I got it because I wanted the toilet!

I really like the new minifig series. The mad scientist and zombie businessman love them. I'm really looking forward to using the figures for the header image of this blog later in October when they will be appropriate.


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