New Arrival Hanabi

Long ago I swore I wouldn't use Facebook, I'm a Twitter person. But with me getting into Dicemasters I started using Facebook more and more. What drew me in was the Dicemasters community. Where I have made some good friends, met and played online people from all over the world.

Since then I joined one or two other fan based communities for games I enjoy playing. One of the groups I joined was a UK boardgame and rpg trading and selling group.

I keep my eye on this group because it's possible to get a bargain. Other times the person selling wants too much and with postage I'd be better off buying the game new on Amazon with free next day delivery (I have Amazon Prime) because the difference in price is soo little. A lot of the time I'm too late to the party and stuff has sold before I even see it.

But last weekend I was online and looking at Facebook at the right time. I'd been hearing good things about Hanabi. It was on my radar, but not high up on my to buy list. Well we know my current addictions. However opportunity presented me with a bargain. Hanabi for a fiver and a quid postage. BARGAIN.

I was going to save about a fiver from the Amazon new price – cool!
Anyway the game arrived today. I was shocked I was expecting a bigger box. This is a nice small package, easily carry around able. So something you could easily pull out down the pub! The game is in excellent condition as the photos show. I'm really happy with this purchase and looking forward to playing the game.


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