My Top 100 Games ’17: 80 – 71

Welcome to the third post in my Top 100 Games. I’ve changed the ordering of the list below (for better or worse).

There is only one game in this lot that I backed on Kickstarter (Starving Artists). Looking at the list there are three “small box” games for sure (Council of Verona (second edition), Isle of Trains, Bomb Squad Academy) and one that could be argued is border line “small box” (Traders of Osaka). I don’t think any of these games would be considered heavy games, and would probably be considered ranging from light to light/medium weight. I thought Council of Verona might have been higher up in the rankings. So I am a little surprised by that.

So this is how 80 to 71 shaped out.

71 – Porta Nigra (BGG Ranking: 964)
72 – Starving Artists (BGG Ranking: 3329 )
73 – Council of Verona (second edition) (BGG Ranking: 1738 )
74 – Elder Sign (BGG Ranking: 438 )
75 – Traders of Osaka (BGG Ranking: 863)
76 – Small World (BGG Ranking: 153)
77 – Isle of Trains (BGG Ranking: 1568 )
78 – D-Day Dice (BGG Ranking: 785)
79 – Keyflower (BGG Ranking: 36)
80 – Bomb Squad Academy (BGG Ranking: 3411)

Bet you can’t guess the next post in this series.

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