My Netrunner Media Fixes

This post is aimed squarely at my fellow Netrunner players in the growing meta at Chatteris Warlords.

I thought it might be an idea to share the podcasts and YouTube stuff I listen to and watch about Netrunner.


First up I'll list the three podcasts I subscribe to.

This is an Australian podcast by a panel of Netrunner runner champs at various levels down under. It's usually a shortish podcast running at about half an hour. You can subscribe to it HERE.



Run, Last, Click is a UK podcast by two Netrunner players based in London. They have regular guests on the show, including interweb Boardgaming personality Quinns from Shut Up, Sit Down who is a major Netrunner addict. You can listen to Run, Last, Click HERE.


Terminal7 is hosted by two Canadian videogame developers who have a Netrunner addiction. They two also have from time to time Quinns on the show plus other guests. You can listen to Terminal7 HERE.


Finally here is the YouTube stuff. Ok there is only one YouTube channel I follow for Netrunner and here it is…

Teamworkcast does some brilliant commentated matches from various tournaments from around Europe. The commentary is very entertaining, once you've watched one or two you will get why I call some cards by nicknames such as pancakes or sexy bot. You can watch Teamworkcast HERE.
You may like this video from the recent Teamworkcast output which gives advice to a runner on playing his deck as a commentary.

So I hope this has been useful to my fellow players at the club.


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