Minifig Saturday and I’m a winner

Minifig Saturday it is then. There is gaming stuff going on I can assure you. Yesterday Games Quest had a Star Realms competition where if you beat them playing the game using the app and posted a screen shot of the win, they would send you the Crisis expansion pack of your choice. I won my game and couldn't decide which to have so I asked them to choose at random for me. So a surprise prize is on its way. We played a second game that I lost. So I'm going to challenge them to a third game as a decider.

I think it's well known by now how I get forgetful over stuff ordered. I'm pretty sure I ordered the set of Crisis expansions but for the life of me can't remember who from! I might order an extra set just incase my mind is playing tricks on me. Which it often does. If I end up with two complete Crisis expansion sets, I guess we will have a first for the reborn blog a competition. (Yes years ago we had competitions but that was as the old blog not the new!)

Yesterday I was meant to be teaching and playing Star Realms with a friend, but serendipity meant instead I ended up chilling out with friends, chewing the fat over, righting wrongs. We ended up in the local Burger King, where the service was soooo slow. And it took them three attempts to get my friends burger correct! The compensation burger they gave my friend was awesome. Another friend had the Taco ranch burger and that was the sorriest burger I have ever seen at Burger King. It was more a kids burger or entree, it was so tiny for the money. I would of felt robbed and my friend who ordered it did. Anyway this is a point to this little tale (thank god I hear you say), we have arranged a gaming night round mine for tonight. So expect a write up about that tomorrow.

Well as the diptic photo below shows a Bane (movie version) minifig has arrived. I bought a trench coat for it too separately which will arrive Monday I think. That will finish the Bane minifig off nicely. The other figure turned up too which is Tonto with an open fire. I wanted the fire for camping vignettes I have planned. The Tonto figure was a very nice bonus. I like the figure a lot, and having The Lone Ranger and Tonto is really cool. The look of Tonto in the more recent Lone Ranger movie was one of the things I loved. I know Depp and the Director based the look of Tonto on a famous painting of an Native American. Having done a quick google I'm seeing results that are declaring the painting and Depps depiction of Tonto as racist. This isn't something I have spent time thinking about, and hadn't occurred to me. I'd like to discuss this with an Native American, I really don't know enough about this subject and if this is a racist depiction. I would not be surprised if it was. What I do know is I don't know what an accurate depiction would be.

I don't want to use ignorance as an excuse and I won't, I'd rather I have the facts and make an educated and informed decision.

I do enjoy using the motivational poster app on the iPad to produce these posters of the minifigs. Especially when I am using quotes from that the character said in the movie.

Well yesterday was Friday the 13th, so a photo like the one below had to be done. It's the Jason Vorhees minifig with Friday the 13th Part 4 playing in the background on the tv.

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