Look what I pulled

This morning got to finally open the Spirit of Rebellion booster box that Dale and I bought together.

It arrived Saturday but I couldn’t open it. It wouldn’t be fair. So it was torture seeing the box sitting there all weekend but unable to open it. 

As soon as Dale arrived at work, we opened the booster box and then took turns taking a booster pack from the box.

Once we had emptied the box of its 36 packets (18 each), then opened our packs.

I got the following legendary cards in mine:

These are the rares I got:

Now Dale and I have enough to start building decks to play against each other. Which we will be doing for this Thursday.

Dale looked up how much Palpatine was. If I sold it there are some out there that will pay over £40 for it! I don’t get these high prices. It’s not as if there is a lot of prize money at stake like at a Magic Pro tournament. At best it’s some alt art cards, and plastic tokens. Not exactly enough to get you your money back on your investment. 

This afternoon I introduced my students to Sheriff of Nottingham in the enrichment session. Long story short, they loved it. Oh and I won!

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