Life’s Hard Choices

For me one of the hardest things to do before a gaming session is to decide what games to take along!

So many things go into influencing the decision. For instance which group am I playing with? How many people are going to be there? Have I promised to take a particular game along for some-one? What am I in the the mood to play? Is there a particular game I want to try and get to the table?

A planned session like our Pandemic Legacy one or the up and coming Formula D League, are easy. The decision has already been made what to play. If I'm responsible for providing the game I just have to remember to take it along.

Tuesday evening at the Chatteris Warlords, or the monthly Fenland Gamers meet up are much harder.

Fenland Gamers I know not to take scifi themed games, LCG/CCG games or games with a drafting mechanic, because my fellow gamers there are not into those types of games. Where as Chatteris Warlords I can find people into playing those types of games.

Tonight is the weekly Chatteris Warlords meet up. So my Netrunner decks will go with me, but so will my Magic deck on the off chance. Do I take Epic with me? What about Star Realms? How about one or two of the themed Fluxxs? Is it worth taking Imperial Assault? I'd also like to get Imperial Settlers to the table. Would anyone be interested in trying Ashes? Oh what about…?

Decisions, decisions.

Maybe I should be more organised before hand and post on both groups discussion threads asking who is playing what, or who wants to play such and such a game. That question doesn't usually get much of a reply if at all. It almost seems like I'm being ignored, or maybe others actually have a life and don't spend all their time online like me.

I suppose I'm lucky in a way that I don't review games on here, or I'd have to add that into the mix as well. I can do without that extra pressure.

How hard do you find choosing games for a gaming night?

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