Lego Log Cabin

I bought a second hand Lego log cabin set off eBay saving a bit of money. It arrived today, so naturally I had to put it together straight away. I was going to buy this set ages ago to get the hiker and backpack before deciding to make my own. But when I saw this on eBay at a very very good price I had to get it. But now it was because of one of the three designs the set could make. I dug out the plans for desired design and set about making the Lego log cabin.

Official Lego minifig hiker vs mine

I really do think I've done a far far better job of representing a hiker/backpacker than Lego. If it wasn't for the backpack on the Lego character you'd never guess it was meant to be a hiker. I think the hat, and the custom torso I sourced work so much better. Maybe Lego should get me in to design minifigs.


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