Lego and Playmats

Ok we know I have a Lego minifig problem, but obviously it can't be that big of a problem because an intervention hasn't been held for me yet.

So having not been abducted and deprogrammed from the cult of Lego, I feel I'm pretty safe in talking to you my fellow addicts about my new arrivals.

As you can see in the photo I have a minifig boxer now, I'm on the hunt for the 2012 GB Olympic boxing figure at the moment. Why would I want these figures? I'm not exactly a big boxing fan. Well for those of you that have insomnia or have gotten bored with life will know when I write about games of Star Realms I usually end up comparing them to boxing matches. So the little clogs in my brain turned and turned and came up with the idea of using two minifigs boxing to illustrate the posts.
The other new arrivals were four more Stormtroopers. No guns with them, but I can source them easily enough. I also have one or two other Star Wars figures coming, but I'm not going to ruin the surprise by telling you which ones they are now.

Custom Playmats

In a previous post I mentioned about some custom playmats I had ordered a couple from a place in the US, then a couple of days later found out about a place in the UK that does them called Patriot Games. So from them I ordered custom playmats for Marvel Legendary and for Splendor. Using my advanced Google skills I found a couple of amazing designs to use and upload.
This morning the postie also delivered the two playmats from Patriot Games.
I have to say I was really impressed with the two mats. The quality seems really good, the finish is good. I'm looking forward to playing the games using the mats. This will definitely be my go to place for custom playmats I think.
While I'm talking playmats I did notice on the FFG website for Android:Netrunner that they are developing (what's to develop?) four playmats for the game. None of the designs they have up have the play areas marked out, which is a shame. The play areas are great for us noobs to the game. They act as a great aid memoir for layout out the cards. There are some great custom designs out there that are corp/runner specific, but also some great designs that are duel use. So it's definitely possible to make a mat that us noobs can use.


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