Kayn Somos Trooper Commander

As regular readers know I've just got the expansions that basically make up wave two for Imperial Assault. So I thought I'd do a series of posts looking at each of the individual expansions that go to make up this wave.
The first expansion we will look at will be the Villian pack Kayn Somos Trooper Commander.

Below is the Kayn figure. I really like this sculpt. I think it really captures a commander in its pose. I really should get the stuff in to paint the miniatures, or at least attempt to paint them. My friend Duncan keeps dropping big hints to me on Twitter about getting my act together on this front. And I have to say he is doing a good job of painting his zombies for Run, Fight or Die!

Below are the two skirmish cards for those that play skirmish games.

Kayn comes with the following three command cards. As a Team Covenent always say (it's almost a catch phrase for their Imperial Assault players), “Command cards win games”. As expected these command cards are all related to manipulating stormtroopers. Boy do they beef up Stormtroopers.

Next we have the two deployment cards for Kayn. Once again on the Kayn card we see actions that are aimed at manipulating Stormtroopers around him. Will Kayn make a Stormtrooper Storm a thing? I'd like to see a Stormtrooper only squad with Kayn in a skirmish game. How well it would do I don't know. Besides I think for me to try it out I'd have to buy another base game to get the figures! Ok that's not as crazy as it sounds, I've been toying this over for a month or two. Especially if I can get others playing the game locally on a regular basis. Oh how cool would that be to have a skirmish league running?

Now we have the Agenda cards that are used in the campaign game. I can't comment on these because I've not played the campaign side yet.

Finally there is the rule sheet that has a new skirmish map, and a campaign side mission. I won't show the campaign side so not to be too much of a spoiler.

I have to say I like Kayn. This expansion keeps up the high quality that FFG are known for. He will be a definite inclusion in any squad that uses Stormtroopers. I don't see how Kayn wouldn't be included. A great addition to the Empire forces.


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