I hate waiting…

I hate seeing happy people post photos of the Kickstarter that I also backed. I’m like “where the feck is my copy?”

Somehow it’s seems like the last two or three Kickstarters I backed that started shipping I’m the last in the queue.

Paranoia the rpg I backed hasn’t even started posting my pledge level yet. Ok that’s like nearly two years behind schedule . But still I wish they would email out more updates instead of forcing me to visit the Kickstarter comments section to glean any news on shipping. 

Sagrada has started to ship. I’m not holding my breathe on this one. The awful Shipnaked are sending this one out from the US. My recent experience with them hasn’t been good. They were slow, behind schedule. And never sent out any shipping notice (which I hear they are once again repeating, or sending them after the stuff is delivered!)

So despite the comments/email updates and lack of shipping notices I sit hopefully (one of the few times in life I’m an optimist) by my front window waiting for the delivery to my Nan next door. 

Well I’m not having it delivered to mine! Nan is in all day. So I won’t miss the delivery and have to go through that dire process all parcel delivery companies have of rearranging delivery or trying to locate their hidden depot for picking up.

But I wait expectantly, hoping the universe will pleasantly surprise me with my Kickstarter somehow defying the laws of package delivery and turn up mysteriously on Nan’s doorstep.

Would I rather they say nothing about shipping and it just turns up? There would still be those annoying happy photos. So I’d know. And we’d be back to me hating these random people on the internet that I’ve never met and don’t know, and waiting for a delivery.

Maybe the answer lies in the bottom of a good mug of coffee.

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