Hunter Rules

I think this is becoming a thing now, Friday evening on way to con club to play games stop in The Luxe and have a quick chat and catch up with Bouncy. Then onto the con club to play games.

This Friday night gaming session is a different experience to the others. It's a younger crowd, and with one of them blasting their unwanted music during the evening (luckily not all the time) at times more irritating.

However Ben from Chatteris was there as usual, so with Jamie and his son we played a four player game of Star Realms using the hunter rules. Which meant you attacked the person to your left for direct damage, but could do both sides for bases and outposts.

As is now tradition for multiplayer games of Star Realms Ben was eliminated first. Now tradition dictates that after Ben has been whipped from the board, that I will soon follow him out of the exit.

However tradition was not to be followed this time. Just as the Emporer wanted Luke to kill his father, but failed to do because of some misguided family bond. We were not going to see that sentimentality tonight, Jamie's son dispatched his dad from the game in a cold vicious manner.

It was me against the heir to the empire. Sadly for the heir, I had a good engine up and running, that allowed me to inflict massive hits of damage. I wasn't going to let the fact I was up against a youngster get in my way of victory. So against tradition I dispatched the outposts in my way and delivered the fatal blow to get the win.

Our next game of the evening was Epic. We did a draft and played the hunter rules, which worked the same as it did in Star Realms. Attack to the left, events to both sides.

This game went the way of tradition in Star Realms. Ben got steam rolled by Jamie. Which then meant I was on the receiving end of the Jamie war machine. I didn't last long. Tradition was upheld this time.

It was father against son. Sadly for the young lad, his father is a cold blooded killer when it comes to Epic. This was Darth Vader destroying Luke. There was no fatherly love here, sentimentality went out the door. Nothing was stopping Jamie from being victorious. Oh yeah Jamie won.

Our final game of the evening was Star Fluxx. With the usual chaotic game play, Jamie managed to surface from the chaos victorious.

That was our last game of the evening before I set off into the night.

A great evening of gaming, some intense moments, some fun moments.


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