Hack the planet!

Oh yes using the call to arms from the movie Hackers. Somehow I thought it would be an apt post title for today.

Today saw a visit to the FLGS The Rift to purchase the living card game Android:Netrunner with a data pack or two.

I ended up leaving The Rift with a base set and the following data packs. A second core set is also winging its way to me so that I can build decks that can use three of the core set cards instead of being limited to two.
The data pack 'What Lies Ahead' is on its way from elsewhere. When that arrives it will mean I will have all the data packs that make up the first cycle for Android:Netrunner the Genesis Cycle. While 'Up and Over' and 'All that remains' are from the third cycle Lunar.

So now I have some cards to organise, learn about building decks for Android:Netrunner, build some decks and test them out in games. I'm really looking forward to this.

Adding to my unintended collection of dice games (well who doesn't enjoy rolling dice?) Age of War arrived.

It's a game by the prolific game designer Reiner Knizia. I love his two player card game Lost Cities, which I play regularly using the iPhone app (which is a rather good implementation of the game, I think I have a 56% win rate, which I'm happy with). I also have his book of dice games. Oh oh just remembered that he did the micro game Shoot Out, that was included with the film Going Cardboard. Which is a fun little two player game that for me amazingly manages to capture the atmosphere of an old west gunfight. So I'm looking forward to playing this dice game.


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