Gaming With Nath – Saturday

After eventually waking up at 11:30, finally convincing Nath to get some milk for a coffee, we actually were up and ready to play games around 1:30.

I know the above makes it sound like we have been extremely lazy. However the mitigating circumstances I'm about to give to go to excuse this slothiness. Nath had been working yesterday from 5pm until 2am. Guess who gladly dropped Nath off at work and picked him up (once the call came through saying he was ready to be picked up)? Yep me. Nath then watched a little bit of TV while finishing off the remains of Dominos pizza that I had ordered for tea.

So final getting to sleep time was more like 3am. Which means our final crawling from the depths of sleep isn't as bad as it had initially seemed.

I won't go into the txt wars between us for who would make the coffee. But it was a moot victory because Nath had no milk. I only drink black coffee when I don't want to share my drink!

Star Realms

Our first game of the day and the big hit of the day with Nath. We've played several games of this today. Including mixing in the Heroes and Events from the Crisis expansion.

Nath wants Star Realms for his birthday in October. That is how much he likes the game. That will give me time to track down the Gambits expansion for him. He won't get the promos I have, but he will get the base game, Crisis, Gambit and the deck box and a play mat. I'll call this the ultimate Star Realms gift box.

I'm now pushing Nath to also get the awesome app so we can play between visits.

Run, Fight or Die!

Nathan was enjoying this push your luck zombie dice game. Until his evil dad (played by me) killed him playing an event card dealing the final wound point to kill him and get the win with a single follower worth two victory points.

For me the game really does build the tension up, and force you to push your luck to clear zombies away before they kill you.

Nations the Dice Game

I think Nath was indifferent to this game. It was really quick to play and I think Nath was surprised at how quick.

I enjoyed the game we played a lot, and think this will make an excellent game for my non-gamer friends.

Roll for the Galaxy

A slow start while we got to grips with the rules and what was going on. Which meant that Nath didn't like it at that point. But once the learning curve had been passed Nath started to enjoy the game and get into it. I think Naths further enjoyment was increased by the fact he beat me by a good margin.

As I have said previously the nice thing is that these games are new to both of us, so we are at an equal starting point playing them. Well except Star Realms which Nath has picked up very fast.

Right time to play more Star Realms…


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