Flood of News

Just some pre-Gen Con, and I’m assuming press day news that has caught my eye.

New Angeles is the latest addition to the Android universe. 

This plays four to six players in apparently 2-4 hours. 

It’s taking a different approach in this game where you are playing as the corps in the Android Universe. 

I’m not sure about getting this game, mainly due to the minimum number of players, and then if I do manage to find that many to play, the duration is long.

It will be interesting to see how this fits in with the story arc currently going on in the Android Universe. For instance the game Mainframe takes place in the 23 seconds that the largest bank in the Android universe goes dark, which the Flashpoint Cycle in Netrunner is exploring.

FFG announcement here
Asmodee announced today the unexpected first expansion for 7 Wonders Duel, the Pantheon expansion. The Gods are coming to Duel!

I wasn’t expecting this. Nath and I both love this game. So you can be sure I will be buying this when it comes out.

Not sure it needed an expansion, but more variety is always welcome. 

Asmodee announcement here

New Game of Thrones game! Shocker not happy with announcing one new Game of Thrones based game already (based on Cosmic Encounter for 3-5 players). FFG now present us with The Hand of the King.

A card game using lovely cartoon art work, it almost makes you think there was a cartoon of the books.

I can see myself getting this to play with Nath. I hope it is a good two player experience.

Announcement here 

Carcassonne Star Wars gets an expansion! 

I believe this adds another player, more tiles (for that player I assume) and weapons!

If you can read German you can get more info here

That’s it for now. I’m sure there will be more stuff breaking over the next day or so.

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