Five Tribes Politically Correct Expansion

In previous posts I have mentioned that I had ordered this expansion from Board Game Geeks store. I think I also mentioned also about the fuss that a certain card had caused. In new printings of the game that controversial card has been replaced. However for those that have one of the earlier printings (I'm assuming there have been more than one to meet demand for the game) you can get this expansion to replace the card that can't be named.

The expansion isn't expensive five dollars if I remember correctly plus a dollar shipping. So a bargain really. Plus to sweeten the deal you also get a djinn card to add to the game too.
So here is that controversial card (on the right) plus the new card (on the left). I can see both sides of the argument that of the designer and those that find it offensive. For the record I am against slavery (heck Wisbech is the home of Thomas Clarkson a key figure in the abolition of slavery).
Now I'm sitting on the fence here on whether the card should be played with in the game. However I think when I play Five Tribes with friends and others then I think I need to be able to take the other players opinions into account. So by having both versions I can do that.
However if they do find the card offensive, sadly they will have to put up with the card being referred to in the playing instructions and player reference cards as the slave card. I assume that in the reprinting this too will be replaced with the new cards name.
Will the djinn card included in this expansion be included in the reprinting? I don't know. I would be surprised. As I hinted at the top of the post this djinn card is a sweetener to make having to buy the replacement cards more palettable. So if I was to bet money on this I'd be placing my hard earned cash on that it wouldn't be included.
So is it worth getting? For me yes for the reason given above. Yes if you are a completionist and must have everything for a game.
Remember it's not essential to the game, which can still be enjoyed without it.


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