Excited about tomorrow

Tomorrow four members of the Fenland Gamers group are thrust into the thick of it to avert the outbreaks of four viruses world wide, before they spread and turn into pandemics bringing about the downfall of mankind.

Really excited about getting Pandemic Legacy to the table tomorrow. Four of us have made the commitment needed to play Pandemic Legacy. Who knows where our adventures on the table will take us? All we know is that we will have between twelve and twenty four plays depending on how well we do.

We have managed to avoid any spoilers for the game, so each twist and turn of the game will be a surprise.

This will be my first legacy game. All I know is that the game changes while we play based on our decisions. We will be altering the board! Tearing up cards! Adding new rules! It's all very exciting.

Pandemic Legacy starts off just like any other game of Pandemic, familiar ground for our team. Then at some point during that first game, things start to change.

Oh I'm so looking forward to this.

So how will I handle my write ups on this blog? I don't know. I'll try and avoid spoilers. But I want to try and capture the excitement of playing the game also. I may find that I use the following “SPOILER ALERT” a lot in the posts.

So one more sleep before the adventure begins…


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