Epic smackdown 

The only game yesterday that Nath and I played before having to complete some chores and my traveling back home, was Epic the card game.

We started off drafting our decks using the two player open draft rules. 

None of this deal two random thirty card decks from the top of the deck. No we were going to get the full draft experience. 

I split the deck in half and we both took the top two cards from our deck and placed them face up in the middle. We then naturally took turns choosing from those four until there were none left. Can you guess what we did next? Yep we repeated the process of drawing and selecting until we both had a thirty card deck.

The remaining cards were then put away, and we prepared to battle on the awesome playmats I got from the Epic Kickstarter. 

I know some folks out on the interweb think that the cards are too powerful and they come out to quickly. But that is the whole point of the game I thought. The Magic like experience with none of the setup, you go straight to the big feck off monsters, and just stand toe to toe knocking six shades of brown stuff out of each other.

I like Epic. I love that in the box you do get that Magic experience, you can do drafting, you can do constructed, that you can play upto four players out of the box, add more boxes (upto three) to support upto eight players. That there is such variety in how you get to that starting thirty cards in your deck.

The artwork is beautiful on the cards. Nath and I did have to keep referring to the rules to check what words meant. But that will come with more plays. I’m more forgiving I think of this than I am the iconography in Cthulhu Realms. Which is interesting. I think it’s because we were having to do this for every card in Cthulhu Realms, whilst in Epic it was just for some.

Eventually after holding out for a few turns Nath started demolishing me. I did manage to land some damage on him, so it wasn’t a complete whitewash.

I think Nath at the start of the drafting thought that may have been a bit dull. But once we started playing he enjoyed the game.

So far with games like Magic, Netrunner, I have shielded Nath from the “joys” of the drafting or deck building. We have used pre-constructed decks like the dual decks in Magic, or the default decks in the Netrunner core set. So exposing Nath to his first draft to build a deck to play with was his first step down a slippery slope. 

I left Nath a spare copy of Epic to play with. I’m slowly building up his gaming collection. He can have the Kickstarter promos once I get him a deck box for the cards. 

Can’t wait to get the Tyrants expansion…

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