End of September 2015 Arrivals

In Sunday's post about the Memoir '44 games I played with Jonathan I mentioned that he bought along his newly arrived copy of Memoir '44 Tactics and Strategy Guide.

Well war is a terrible thing, as is the arms race it creates. So having looked at Jonathan's copy I decided I better get my own copy, just to keep things even.

My copy of this epic arrived yesterday. So the studying begins…

The first of two kickstarters arrived today. First up Tiny Epic Galaxies. I'm looking forward to getting this to the table, I like Tiny Epic Kingdoms, I'm looking forward to seeing what their Western themed game is like.
Secondly long over due Dead Drop. The posting of this game did not go smoothly. I'll detail the mini story of woe when I look at the game in more detail.

Oh nearly forgot these two little fellas also arrived today. Ok one was too late to celebrate his special day at the weekend. But better late than never.


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